What do we do?

  • We provide a welcoming place of worship in the Quaker tradition which is open to everyone.
  • We meet together in quiet reflection, to listen for wisdom, comfort and challenge, to the promptings of truth and love in our hearts.
  • Although Quakerism is founded in the Christian tradition our approach is experiential, rather than doctrinal.
  • You will be encouraged to value your own experience and to learn supported by others pursuing a similar quest.
  • We hold study and discussion groups where we share our thoughts, insights and difficulties.
  • We value time spent together socially, sharing refreshments after meetings for worship and on trips out.


Quaker worship and the Meeting Room

  • On arrival you will be greeted at the door and shown to the main meeting room. This is arranged with chairs in a circle around a small table. You may sit wherever you feel comfortable.  There is no hierarchy in a Quaker meeting
  • On the table will be a Bible and a copy of Quaker Faith and Practice. This is a collection of writings of Quaker experience and thoughts. Most Sundays there is a reading chosen from this book, as a challenge, an inspiration and a comfort.
  • The worship meeting is based on communal silence, where we gently let our thoughts settle and be open together. The silence can be very deep and sometimes we experience clarity or insight arising from what some call God, the Light or the Divine.
  • There are times when it is difficult to focus, generally we are not used to lengths of silence in our modern world. Perhaps just enjoy the tranquil silence and re-focus when you are ready. 
  • The meeting can be silent all the way through, but may be broken if someone feels prompted to say something which will deepen and enrich the worship.
  • There is a short length of time at the end of the meeting for 'afterword', a chance to share any further thoughts or experiences. The clerk then stands and closes the meeting, giving notices of news and events. Those who wish to do so shake hands. In these infection conscious times, hand sanitiser is available for use afterwards.

After the Meeting for Worship

  • You will be very welcome  to share refreshments after the meeting. We serve the usual tea, coffee, some alternative fruit or herbal teas and the not too healthy biscuits. There is a saying that an essential ingredient of Quakerism is cake, cake, and more cake!
  • However also sharing of ideas, life events and news, the asking of questions, listening to each other are essential ingredients which helps binds our community together. 
  • On the 1st Sunday of the month we hold a meeting for worship for business after refreshments. As Quakers have no paid clergy, it is up to us to run our Quaker meetings.
  • On the 3rd Sunday of the month there is discussion following tea and coffee, where we explore together various topics of Quaker practice.